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Top Hand Models in Fashion Industry

Hand models are a unique breed of models, as they showcase a product with their beautifully sculpted fingers and hands. For firms that offer jewelry, skincare, and nail polish, hand models are often asked to appear in close-up shots. They’re frequently utilized in beauty and skincare advertising to contain goods like mascara or lotion. Because even a little bruise or scratch may result in the loss of employment and money, hand models go to great lengths to safeguard their hands, which is no simple task. Being a hand model might seem like a full-time job, and it can be difficult to fit into one’s daily routine. Let’s have a look at a list of top-tier hand models that stand out in the fashion world!

Kimbra Hickey

Kimbra Hickey, a parts model, is the woman behind the now-famous photograph of phantom hands clutching a red apple. It was merely a picture for a teenage romance book at the time, Hickey wrote on her “Hands of Twilight” website. She had no prior knowledge of the novel. She’s now on the convention circuit, touring the nation and signing autographs with her hands. Hickey now has a following of her own. They assisted her in creating a website that explained how she got the job and promoted her work as a parts model. She also shows up at Twilight conferences and tours. She had no ambitions to be a model when she was younger. People, on the other hand, constantly appeared to notice her hands and feet. Hickey continues to support herself by working as a model and as a massage therapist. She claims to take good care of her hands and feet, but this isn’t unusual. Before picture sessions, there is no specific preparation or procedure.

Ashly Covington

Ashly has spent much of her spare time growing her interest in capturing photos of live music and portraits of wonderful people doing awesome things since she was a youngster. Her experience as a hand model has helped her in the realm of on-location photography. When a local agency first saw her hands, she wanted to pursue acting after graduation. She recommended a salon where Ashly could have her first manicure, and within a few weeks, she had booked her for a gig at Wintergreen Resort, and Ashly’s career as a hand model was taking off. For the time being, Ashly’s fingerprints can be seen on everything from Reynold’s Wrap and Hamilton Beach product packaging to the Eat This! Not That! series book covers. As one of the top hand models in the world of body parts modeling, Ashly Covington is having a great time.

Paul B started his modelling career as a commercial model, appearing in adverts for brands like Right Guard and now he is one of the most successful male hand models in the world. His one-in-a-million hands have been featured in ads for De Beers, Haig Club, Sprite, Breitling, KFC, McDonald’s, Nivea and Cartier. Paul B Portfolio of high-class brands under his belt gives him the reputation of a No1 hand throb.

Ellen Sirot

Ellen was brutalizing her hands and feet while working as a professional dancer and waiter after graduating from Barnard College when she came onto the world of “parts” modeling by accident. Her first modeling job, by coincidence, was as a leg and foot model. However, she quickly recognized that the busiest sections of the business were hands. For more than 25 years, Sirot has worked as a parts model (first feet, then hands), and her hands are her livelihood. You’ve most likely seen them. She’s worked on hundreds of ads and ad campaigns for brands including Sally Hansen, American Express, and Verizon.

Adele Uddo

Adele Uddo is a parts model who promotes businesses and doubles for celebrities in the United States. Uddo grew raised in a commune in California. She dropped out of school to seek a career as a model. Uddo is well known for her hands as a parts model. She’s also been shown on billboards and in Vogue magazine.Christian Louboutin, Dior, Revlon, Balmain, Chanel, Essie, and Taco Bell are among the brands for which Uddo has worked on advertisements. Katy Perry, Penelope Cruz, Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, and Beyoncé have all used her as a handstand-in.

Ryan Serhant

Before getting into real estate, Ryan Serhant worked as a hand model. “They would fly me to Miami to hold mobile phones,” the Million Dollar Listing New York representative stated. I did some hand modeling for a bit.” His “smooth, silky” hands were in high demand for print advertising, as it turned out. He worked as a stock photographer to pay his rent when he initially went to New York City to seek a career in acting. He had to take a professional head photo as many actors do, so he could hand it around during auditions. Ryan opted for a head picture with his left hand resting lightly on the cheek. He had no notion that I had a set of hands that were unusually attractive and thin at the time. His picture printer “found” this and provided my headshot to AT&T, which aided him in reaching his current position.

James Furino

When a buddy from his songwriting class, who was also a hand model, complimented him on his “beautiful hands,” Furino decided to pursue a career in hand modeling. His musical expertise comes in useful since he has good rhythm and agility. You’ve probably seen Furino’s work if you watch TV or read periodicals. He’s done print ads for companies like Smirnoff Vodka and has portrayed the hands of prominent actors like Matthew Perry on “Friends” and Daniel Craig for a “James Bond” campaign.

Mia Crowe

Mia Crowe has appeared in films such as The Onion Movie, Turok: Son of Stone, and Wasted as a performer and channeling director. Cindy Crawford, Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Aniston, and many others have worked with Mia, a famous hand model. Mia Crowe is yet another shop for almost all your Hand and Leg Model requirements. Mia’s competent hands have been seen doing anything from spreading Philadelphia Cream Cheese on a slice of toast to contorting accessible Oreo cookies in ad campaigns. Throughout ad campaigns, Mia also continues to hold the most prevalent e-reader on the market, the Amazon Kindle, upright.

Truly, hand modeling is a thriving industry. Hand models are represented in multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, and comprehensive insurance policies cover their hands. Their hands can be seen on large banners and in television advertisements. Their life depends on this part of their body, which is greatly adored by many.