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“I’m a hand model, mama. A finger jockey. We think differently than the face and body boys. We’re a different breed.”— Zoolander, The World’s Greatest Hand Model

Female hand models are not the only ones who are considered hand models. Male hand models could perhaps earn well and are in high trend, just like females. A celebrity’s face is on an advertisement, but their hands are not. This is because the female hand models don’t look just as awesome as the male hand models. Even though this happens frequently, and celebs may not have the time to do hand shoots, they consider other options. That is the case with the male hand models.

If you genuinely think you have what it takes, now would be the chance to put your skills to the test in this industry. The additional revenue is always valuable. Here’s what you need to comprehend about professional life as a male hand model.

Can I work as a male hand model?

Most of us wish we could be models! This might be a fantastic opportunity to break further into business and be a hand model with nothing other than your dexterous hands. Hand models may also show those specific parts of their bodies, although it is feasible to make a living merely by modeling their hands. To become a professional male hand model, you must have the right genetic factors. You must also be capable of holding product lines for extended periods and work overtime at times. Looking at successful hand models and snapping photographs is the ideal route to becoming acquainted with the industry. If you’ve ever gotten positive comments on your hands, you’ll have a better possibility of getting a job.

Customers appoint hand models for professional work, which further encompasses posing for a collection of photos that will be publicized in a publication. Marketing companies need hand models to assist their brand in standing out. It is a lucrative business, and male hand models are growing. The most common type of work for a hand model is promotional, which usually entails filming for marketing campaigns. Advertisements can show everything that a hand could do in photographs, such as unpacking a gift, having to wear a watch, eating a meal, having a drink, and so forth.

It may seem peculiar to visualize a lifeless hand making an appearance in a commercial; however, if you begin to look for them, you’ll find that they’re more common than you think. Even when a celebrity shows up in an advertisement, hand models always bring in close-up shots to assure people their hands look amazing. They could even ask the hand model to hold in for close-up shots in film and television productions. Take a television advertisement where you dunk a morsel of food into a dip. This is indeed a common image that can be found on menu options, in ad campaigns, or around the premises of fast-food restaurants. However, somebody should grasp the piece of food in order for the photograph to be taken, and that person could be you.

How to Get a Job as a Male Hand Model

Fortunately, the career of a hand model is easier for men than for women. Male hand models, for instance, do not have to concern themselves with nail polish and maintaining a manicure. This is less about glamour for them. They must, nevertheless, keep a nail kit on hand at all times and even be primed and ready for photo sessions and beauty treatments. Customers would prefer a stress-free atmosphere. As a male hand model, you must demonstrate to your clients that they are in great hands and that you are much more than a good-looking hand to show off. You should indeed explain that they chose the best candidate for the job.

Because success breeds success, individuals must work hard to get the finest opportunity to gain a top-hand model income. Establishing your male hand model profile is the key to defeating the rivalries. When you’re at a hand model job, you must be self-assured, competent, calm, collected, and equipped. Male hand models with big hands, no hair, and very few veins are preferred by the vast bulk of customers. Since this has always been the star and the focus, hands should be kept small. Therefore, you should protect your hands because you may not find work if your nails are compromised or you have a nasty wound.

The last but not least significant point to remember stems from planning ahead of time. Except as otherwise instructed by the client, ensure that you have a clean hand. Take particular precautions with your hands in the days leading up to the shoot. This will be useful since you might sometimes be hired on an urgent basis. As a result, it is always a good option to be geared up!