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Nails are important indicators of fashion and glamour. With a little polish and a lot of innovational prowess, you can make your nails look incredibly lovely and dazzling. Now, there are different ways to beautify the decoration of nails. These new procedures are increasing and becoming very prevalent. To ascertain these facts, even public figures put a lot of time and energy into their manicures as they pick their matching outfits. It would seem that spot-on manicures are vital for every red-carpet event.

These days, fashion and beauty are becoming more inclusive and diverse. And we certainly cannot rule out manicures and nail art from these new trends. Without a doubt, we have celebrities to thank for that. When it is also time to get creative with nail making, celebrities are our vital creative outlet. Several people get their ideas through fashion magazines, while others fixate on social media. Aside from those, other beloved manicure concepts come directly from Hollywood’s palms. Because, let’s face it, no one else but our favorite celebrities have access to incredibly talented nail tech.

As such, if you have been searching for assistance with your creativity, you are in the right place. Here is our guide to the best celebrity manicures of 2021. We have divided the article into three categories. The first section features the predominant styles of our top female celebrities. And in the second section, we explored manicures adorning the hands of our male stars. Lastly, we explored the celebrity world of hand model doubles. Follow through to familiarize yourself with manicuring at its peak.

Female Celebrity Manicure

Female stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, and many more consistently showcase their dazzling nail arts for supporters to copy. While some of these celebrities may not be credited with the creativity behind their nail art, they certainly have the right nail artists. Some of the famous nail artists are Mary Soul, Chaun P. Legend, Mei Kawajiri, etc. This list of ten best female celebrity manicures explores one side of the growing nail art fashion.

Dua Lipa: Animal Print

Animal print nail art has always been adorable. Helpful hints on everything from cow print to tortoiseshell and leopard frequently deluge social media feeds. Another stunning animal-themed styling is butterfly nail art. Amazingly, it is something you can do yourselves or have it done by a professional nail artist. Celebrity nail technician Chaun Peth created Dua Lipa’s stunning butterfly-ensemble nails. On the Grammys 2021 Red Carpet, she rocked a hot pink butterfly-style with a custom-made gown from Atelier Versace. There is no doubt about the beauty of this butterfly nail job. The artist painted the butterflies in solid colors with some inside details. These nails are stunning, especially after applying a high gloss base coat and a light shimmer topcoat. Up till now, butterfly nail art has been trendy. They can be creative with the wing frames and can use any color scheme they like.

Billie Eilish: Gothic Floral Pattern

Next on the list is Billie Eilish – a star who defies categorization. Billie Eilish is a singer, Gucci enthusiast, and fashion icon who takes things a step further. Eilish is known for her XXL acrylic talons. But she did not let her fans down with yet another next-level manicure that suited her attire, bucket hat, and, of course, her face mask. The part that caught everyone’s attention was Eilish’s gothic floral manicure, which went perfectly with her Gucci ensemble. Eilish completed her look with a pair of fingerless gloves. The gloves matched her oversized cardigan and trouser outfit. Of course, if the nail art is not wholly fierce, it is not an Eilish moment. The US actress infused a tattoo-style tiger design amongst the floral pattern, trying to keep things a little bit badass as usual.

Camila Mendes: Sparkly

The third on the list is Camila Mendes’ delicately gilded manicure. Riverdale’s Camila Mendes resorted to pointed glitter over classical textured luster. And her nail style was the drawn-on type. It has a delicate glitter glue translucent glossy finish. It is glamorous yet fashionable.

Lupita Nyong’o:

Long and pointy nails are a big thing among celebrities. Take Lupita Nyong’o as an example. When she is all glammed up and hitting the red carpet, the famous actress always opts for glam nails. The long and pointy shape is a relatively simple style choice compared to her unique hairstyle. But a perfect match for her glamorous denim dress. The manicure was finished with the painting of a metallic shade polish. In all, the nail is a vital part of the nice dazzling look she created on the met gala night.

Hailey Bieber: Galaxy Nails

Hailey Bieber introduced her galaxy nails. Lisa Kon, Hailey Bieber’s manicurist, has once again shown that there is no limit to manicuring. Kon used an interstellar silicone manicure made by a brand that is sharing its name with her. This brand of nail gel – Cat Eye Infinity 05 – varnishes in the shade and has shimmering stars. The spectacular black-based color palette has shadow green. Also, it has blue glitter. The fine nail finish brings to mind aurora borealis or the glimmer of luminescence on a candlelit coastline.

Vanessa Hudgens: Holographic Crystal

Nothing compares to the three-dimensional gem-like nails of Vanessa Hudgens. Holographic manicure is presently among our best-loved nail touches. Hence, Hudgens’ jewel-inspired claws have established that even an opalescent polish gloss is marvelous. The true beauty takes place when the nails themselves are fragmented and polygonal like real crystallites.

Addison Rae: French Rainbow

The following unique manicure is the French rainbow manicure of Addison Rae. Addison Rae had already conceded to being spellbound with herself. But what we know that also fascinates her is her most recent manicures style. This style was the right blend of trendy and timeless. It has vibrant French-tipped splendor in every shade, from aqua blue to sunflower yellow.

Selena Gomez: Bright Skittles

Similar to Addison Rae’s rainbow French manicure is Selena Gomez’s colorful manicure. She went for a bright Skittles manicure. And it has five different shades on every finger: red, orange, green, blue, and purple, respectively, on both hands. It seems multiple color nail polishes are about to come back into public action this year. The preference of the mass favors on swirly pattern nails.

Anya Taylor Joy: Chess

Screaming sense of royalty, Anya Taylor Joy looks fantastic on her chess-themed manicure. She sought the assistance of celebrity nail artist Kim Truong to commemorate the 2021 Daytime Emmys. The award was in honor of Taylor Joy’s role on the tv show, The Queen’s Gambit. Anya and Kim used the canary yellow color to form this masterpiece of nail art. Their art is a perfect match for the diamond Anya was wearing. Since she was a brand ambassador at Tiffany, they thought it wise to loan her the elegant and expensive ornament.

Dove Cameron: Statement Everything

This manicure line also found Dove Cameron’s nail art. Her latest nail style seems to be quite the opposite turn of the conventional nail finishes. This choice is somewhat surprising because her neutral nails are bouncing. Her statement everything nails are lengthy and sharp. They are also embellished with everything from 3D cobalt blue texture to glitzy gold crystals.

Male Celebrity Manicure

Male celebrities have been using nail polish for a few years now. And they are pushing against the idea of feeling feminine because of their nail finish. That is why many men on this list are sporting a single color on their fingernails. However, they are looking for nail artists that can produce intricate designs. And if that was not enough, some are even starting their own nail paint companies. Here is the compiled list of the most creative and unique ways male celebrities use nail paint right now.

Harry Styles: Skittles

After One Direction, Harry Styles has emerged as a fashion-forward musician recognized for his love of apparel and accessories dubbed feminine. Styles was first seen wearing nail polish when he sported a Skittles-inspired manicure. He appeared with a blend of hot pink and light blue nail finish in his video titled Watermelon Sugar. Britney Tokyo has done a number of his manicures. And they have both come up with ideas like kiwis, cherries, and cheerful smiley faces. Speculate are growing that Styles is working on his nail polish line with the Pleasing brand.

Virgil Abloh: Red

Virgil Abloh has also taken on the idea of wearing nail paint. His red manicure and matching red ring are the perfect finishing touch to his often elegant look. No one knows precisely when Abloh first started painting his nails. But the men’s wear creative director at Louis Vuitton has recently been matching the colors of his nails with the colors of his outfits. He displayed another similar manicure idea in Berlin. And if we wanted to title that idea, it would be titled “blue.”

Bad Bunny: Purple

Bad Bunny nails have always been known for their attention-grabbing designs. He has tried a lot of bright solid colors, fun nail art, and even daring styles like longer acrylic nails. For his song “Estamos Bien,” he did his nails. Unfortunately, Bunny has received some backlash for his choice to have his nails painted. On one of his visits to Spain, a salon refused him a manicure because he was a man.

Post Malone: Black

Rap and rock are two of the popular styles Post Malone represents. But they are certainly not the only ones. In other words, Malone’s influence on his audience can be attributed mainly to his music, but he also makes an extensive statement with his looks. In fact, his fashion choices are how he takes things a step further. If he cannot wholly share an opinion with his face tattoo, then he sports painted nails. His color choice, like most men in nail art fashion, is often very modest.

A typical example is his all-black choice. However, he has been spotted wearing brighter hues like yellow on a few occasions. Malone is not so concerned about constantly appearing immaculate. That is why, sometimes, his nail polish may look cracked or partially removed. Nonetheless, it is all part of his edgier look.

Asap Rocky: Eyeball-Like

Lastly, the bizarre, eyeball-like nail polish made Pretty Flacko look like a monster from Pan’s Labyrinth. In Rocky’s opinion, the best way to wear nail paint is to do something wild with it. Unlike most male celebrities, Rocky is not a fan of deciding on a hue and then going with it. It is not unusual to see him with a different decal on each of his fingers. Among the designs on his nails are the Testing logo, American flags, hearts, and other symbols. He is one of the celebrities leading the way with nail art.


Bold, geometric patterns, crystal adornments, and abstract shapes were some of the biggest nail-art trends in past years. Yet, both the present and the future seem to have some drama to showcase. The male and female celebrities highlighted above are positive proves that manicure fashion is transitioning into something magnificent. And if there is a heavy demand that a star cannot provide, a hand model duplicate can be used by the producer.

Hand Model Double

At times, we all require assistance. This fact leads us to a new yet already prevalent trend among female and male celebrities. There have been notable examples of stars getting hand duplicates or hand model doubles. A noteworthy example of people behind the double hand is Adam Lumber. He came into the picture when Ashton Kutcher was the face of Nikon advertisements and portrayed a hand game that required a lot of hand use.

Another big hand duplicate name is Ray Martell Moore. He starred as Jay-Z’s hand duplicate in a commercial. Also, Leonardo Di Caprio, in the famous movie – Titanic, used a hand double for the drawing scene. There are countless other examples, like the Rimmel London television advertisement. In the ad, Gemma Howorth was used as a hand double for the hand shots of the model, Kate Moss. She starred for Lily Cole too. And Jenson Button also had Paul B as a hand double for a Gillette advertisement.